If ever there was a group of natural-born inventors, tinkerers and dreamers — many of whom are frequently just on the cusp of a brilliant idea — the cannabis crowd has to be high on that list.

So, what does it take to move that killer product idea or invention into reality? It’s not the easiest leap to make for many a budding #ganjapreneur.

“I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought up these amazing, million-dollar pot product ideas that I know would be a big hit,” says cannabis enthusiast Janet Alvarez. “Like, you have this groundbreaking discovery … then the next day you let it go and do nothing to make the thing happen. Because it just seems so hard to make that leap into starting a business.”

Well, now you have no excuse — because marijuana multimillionaire BigMike Straumietis has put out a clarion call to the #cannabiscommunity in search of the next marijuana mogul in the making. And he’s ready to put his money where his mouth is, with $1 million in cash and product funding to help launch the next great cannabis idea.

“If you’re passionate about cannabis, have big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and think you have the next great business idea,” says BigMike, “then you need to become a contestant on my new competition show that’s set to film in the heart of Hollywood, California, called — you guessed it — The Next Marijuana Millionaire™.”

If you can imagine hit reality shows like The Apprentice and Shark Tank merging with the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry, then you can begin to see the potentially massive influence this show could generate.

Contestants are asked to fill out an application and upload a video of themselves — no more than one minute in length — describing their idea and what inspired the concept, as well as something interesting about themselves. Applications and videos are due (fittingly) by April 20.

The first cut of contenders will be comprised of the top 40 applicants with the most impressive ideas and video presentations. Qualifiers will then share show content with their friends and social media followers and move on to a two-step selection process consisting of votes from the candidates’ followers, as well as votes from BigMike’s team.

The group will then be whittled down to the final 16 contestants chosen to be on the premiere season of The Next Marijuana Millionaire™.

During the course of the show, the field will be narrowed down to three finalists, where the eventual sole winner will receive:

  • $1,000,000 in a combination of cash and product funding
  • A partnership agreement with BigMike
  • Workspace in his LA office
  • Paid apartment
  • Six months to go from “seed to sale™”

This is an incredible opportunity for the right person with the right idea to turn a big dream into a golden future.

“Look, there are dreamers, and there are people who make their dreams a reality,” says BigMike. “Which one are you?”

For more information, visit http://www.mjmshow.com