Of all the cannabis-related products on the market today, the humble pre-roll surely ranks as one that gets a frequent bum rap. Wrongly associated with ditch weed and bag shake, pre-made joints have for years been habitually dishonored and disregarded, cast aside as the low-grade bargain basement weed buy.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Today’s ready-made joints are increasingly sophisticated, artisanal and potent. Many are made with quality cannabis flower — rather than leftover leaf matter — and have the added bonus of being prepared with great hybrid strains and hash mixtures.

Because the nature of a pre-roll makes it difficult to visually confirm its quality and potency from the outside, buying from a reputable source is always your safest bet. These days, the consumer has the edge, as what was once an industry with few quality controls has now become a place of fierce competition. Meaning? The rising tide of superior pot goods has lifted all boats and created some amazing pre-roll products.

The following is a starter’s list of some of the top pre-rolls for connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Ed Rosenthal Select

The guru of ganja, Ed Rosenthal has created a line of signature pre-roll joints in small and large sizes. All pre-roll flowers are hand selected by the legendary cannabis author and cultivator, and enhanced with washed water hash. His Select Sativa is a full-size, potent pre-roll that’s not for the faint of heart. Mini Eddies, which come in eight-joint packs, are excellent quick hitters on the go.


Makers of handmade, solvent-free ice-water hash joints, these pre-rolls are prepared with a minimum of 10 percent cannabis concentrate. They come in petite five-packs with terpene-paired hash cones, as well as deluxe outsize joints with artisanal glass tips for the pot enthusiast.

Leira CannaGars

Big and brash, these pre-rolls are the Cuban cigar of the joint realm. Loaded with up to 12 grams of primo bud per roll, the CannaGar is covered in three grams of rosin oil and wrapped in two layers of natural cannabis leaves. These luxury, hand-rolled cannabis cigars are also encased in glass tubes and sealed with a purple wax seal — and come with an extravagant price tag to match their decadence, at $420 per stogie. Leira estimates the burn time at up to five hours, so make sure you’ve got a considerable crowd on hand for a lengthy puff, puff, pass.

Triple J’s

Packs include more than four grams of high-grade cannabis rolled into 12 Mini-J’s — all neatly packed into a convenient and discreet little tin, much like an Altoids canister. Their compact size makes them portable and convenient for toking on the run.