Dabbing cannabis concentrate can be an incredibly powerful way to enjoy the benefits of the plant. And because of its popularity, a number of #dabbing accessories have flooded the market, each promising to make your experience the best, most potent one yet. But what about the e-nail? This tech has been around for a bit, and it may just be one of the best ways to enjoy concentrates yet. So, for the uninitiated, let’s talk about what an e-nail is and if it’s worth investing in.

E-Nails: It’s All About That Perfect Temperature

One of the trickiest aspects of dabbing concentrates is getting the perfect temperature. If your heat source doesn’t burn hot enough, then your concentrate won’t produce enough vapor to inhale. But make it too hot and you’ll burn your stash, making it taste and smell awful, and consequently ruining the experience. Once you’ve reached that perfect temp, however, you’ll need to maintain it with minimal fluctuation, which not all heating elements can fulfill.

So, what can you use that will allow you to get the ultimate dab each time? Enter the e-nail.

All you have to do is switch the device on, set it to the temperature you’d like, and wait for the contraption to let you know it got there (usually via a blinking light). Once that desired temperature is reached, dab to your heart’s content. And you don’t need to wait for it to reheat after a couple of uses — rather, it will maintain your set temperature until you’re done, providing consistent heat whenever you want it. E-nails eliminate all need for maintaining a butane supply or a rig (that is, with a portable e-nail), and there’s no chance of burning your finger.

Are There Really Any Reasons Not To Get An E-Nail?

They are on the pricier side, starting at around $150, and can cost up to $1,000 for a super high-quality device. However, think of all the butane you won’t have to buy once you’re powering things with electricity! Also, e-nails have the potential to burn really hot, so there’s some focused thought that goes into using one (i.e. it’s not as simple as flicking a lighter on), which may not work with folks who aren’t the most present or precise when it comes to enjoying cannabis #concentrates.

Bottom line? Despite an ever-expanding amount of tech coming out in the cannabis sphere, e-nails continue to be hardware that can be worth it for the right consumer. Planning to host many gatherings where you always want the perfect heat at the ready? Then, an e-nail is for you. They’re truly a great accessory for a cannabis concentrate connoisseur who wants a special little heating element to dab around with.