By now, we’re all aware that cannabis has many positive uses. And one of those many positive uses is as is a topical salve to treat aches and pains, as well as rashes and burns. Cannabis can also relieve the itchy side effect of the skin condition eczema.

However, cannabis topicals and other externally applied products don’t have to necessarily serve a solution to a problem to be of value. Rather, they can be integrated into a daily routine to beautify and nourish your skin, from head to toe.

Since cannabis helps the body balance itself, cannabis skin care products can help epidermis come to a homeostasis. In other words, beauty and wellness products infused with weed can reduce redness, and has been anecdotally reported to even out discoloration of skin, as well as treat blemishes and even combat wrinkles. Lots of beauty products on the market are packed with dangerous chemicals and ingredients derived from animals — including keratin, lanolin and stearic acid — that could, in the long-term, be damaging to your health. Cannabis products, on the other hand, don’t have those same risks in terms of dangerous chemicals, and are likely vegan friendly, having not been tested on animals or in lab conditions.

With the likes of mainstream news organizations such as The Huffington Post admitting that cannabis as a beauty product is “having a skincare moment,” the cannabis community has long known that the miracle worker is here to stay and is not just a trend that will fade when the next beneficial beauty fad rears its ugly head.

Hemp seed oil helps protect lips from the elements. (Image courtesy of The Body Shop)

Perhaps one of the most common products you can find anywhere you are is hydrating hemp lip balm, which can help nourish cracked lips, especially during the colder months.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care will soften your kissers for a very reasonable $8.

However, there are other more elaborate CBD products, such as facial and body oils, daily cleansers, washes, eye creams and balms, and cooling moisturizers. Much like non-cannabis beauty products, these can be used every day.

Kush Creams offers a range of products including shampoo and conditioner, face and eye cream, and soothing salve for aches and pains, with prices starting at $16 for hair products and topping out at $220 for a high-value sampler pack.

Kush Creams range of products alleviate symptoms of psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, migraines and anxiety. (Image courtesy of Kush Creams)

Many beauty products are now made with non-psychoactive CBD, and so are more widely available (i.e., online), especially in states without sensible cannabis policies. Check out the Soothing Serum from CBD Daily, which is THC free and provides relief from joint and muscle aches. Retails for $22.99, or comes in a discreet rollerball version for just $14.99.

However, if it’s a THC boost you’re after, some psychoactive products are only available in states with recreational cannabis laws enacted, since many don’t fall within the qualifying conditions for state medical marijuana programs.

Empower’s Black Label cannabis-infused Topical Relief Lotion, Oil and bath Soaking Salts contain activated THC to help relieve menstrual cramps, inflammation, psoriasis, eczema and arthritis. Empower’s products also come in a THC-free White Label collection imbued with CBD.

Cannabis is not just a great addition to a bath because of the therapeutic skin benefits, but it also provides extra relaxation to help you mentally unwind. There are now bath bombs on the market that are giving companies like Lush a run for their money, due to the advanced therapeutic effects of these CBD-suffused effervescent soakers.

Japanese skin care brand Mirai Clinical’s CBD Bath Bomb with Deodorizing Persimmon is an all-natural bomb infused with CBD oil, essential oils, and free from sulfates. Retails for a very reasonable $8.

Body soaks can also bestow this calming effect, and are easy to make at home with most cannabis products you may have lying around.

Empower products are filled with high-quality essential oils combined with lab-tested phytocannabinoid extracts. (Image courtesy of @empower_bodycare on Instagram)

And that’s not all! There are now cannabis cosmetics on the market that go beyond a subtle lip balm, such as infused mascara designed to promote fuller-looking lashes.

The hemp-derived cannabis oil found in Kush High Volume Mascara by vegan brand Milk Makeup is nourishing and hydrating, so product goes on smoother to condition lashes. Priced at $24 a wand.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of regulations in the United States, it’s difficult to say which products are legitimate and high-quality compared to those that are somehow lacking. There are few studies having been administered, and the research that is available to us was conducted on animals. Of course, this goes back to cannabis being classed as a Schedule I substance with no medical benefits under the outdated Controlled Substances Act.

Regardless, now is as good a time as any to dive into the beauty and wellness sector through cannabis skincare products. And you don’t have to have a skin condition or aching back to take advantage of all the benefits that bud has to offer your body beautiful.