QWISO stands for quick-wash isopropyl, but is also referred to as quick-wash hash or ISO oil. Isopropyl hash oil — which is a type of concentrate — is made by extracting trichomes from mature cannabis flowers using isopropyl alcohol. Iso is one of the least-selective solvents, because this mixture has high polarity and is water-soluble. It can also be a potent way to get high without needing much weed in the first place.

However, please note that isopropyl should never be substituted with rubbing alcohol or ethyl (a.k.a., drinking) alcohol, since the end product will likely be unsafe for consumption.

There are many #CannabisCommunity variations used to make this QWISO #concentrate. For instance, soaking can take anywhere between a minute and a few hours, depending on what quality of concentrate you want in the end. It also depends on the quality of cannabis you start the process out with; it’s best to use well-dried and well-cured flower, in order to decrease the amount of chlorophyll and moisture pulled from the material.

Equipment You’ll Need For QWISO Cannabis Extract

Before even picking up the tools to start this process (which you’ll find is relatively simple), you’ll need to first grind up and freeze your cannabis several days in advance. The flower material you use can be either trimmings or nugs.

In order to make quick-wash isopropyl, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Bud, at least five grams
  • Coffee grinder
  • 1 glass coffee pot
  • 1 metal screen or filter (or a permanent coffee filter)
  • Paper coffee filters
  • Clean glass bowl or dish
  • Splash guard
  • Mason jar
  • Plastic storage container
  • Cutting utensils
  • Oven
  • Razor

Here’s How To Make QWISO Cannabis Extract

  • Once your material is frozen, place it into the Mason jar and pour the alcohol over it, making sure all the bud is completely immersed.

  • Then, close the lid and lightly shake the jar for at least 30 seconds. This agitation helps the cannabinoids extract by the process of the material being shaken and steeped. The longer you agitate your mixture, the more cannabinoids will be extracted. However, there will likely also be traces of chlorophyll, plant alkaloids and waxes.

  • Depending on how long you let the solution sit, the next step is draining the solvent into a glass dish, where the solid plant matter will be flushed into a plastic container. Here, the coffee filters will come in handy, because you’ll use them to strain the mixture several times to ensure all solid plant matter is removed, before placing the clear, greenish liquid that’s left behind under the sun for up to several days to further evaporate the alcohol.

  • Next, the mixture is cooked in the oven for a few minutes until it reaches boiling point, at just under 181 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving you with a potent and THC-rich oil.

  • Let the concentrate sit until it reaches room temperature, before slicing with a razor and placing in a storage container, ready for consumption.

Please note that the time it takes to allow the cannabis to soak in the alcohol will vary from several minutes to several hours, depending on what kind of product and what type of flower you start out with.

It’s important as always to consult and crowdsource your cannabis community (whether via an online forum, local dispensary, business association, etc.) for what strategies worked well and what methods totally failed. You may be surprised, but most of all, you’ll be well-informed of how to tackle making quick-wash isopropyl for the first time.