Cannabis is currently in the midst of a technological revolution — meaning sophisticated devices, high-grade medicine, and sensational highs and flavors.

Whether you pack it in a pipe, drink it from a can, consume it as candy or vaporize it, your cannabis intake is now a multifaceted experience, with a medley of potential effects and tastes.

Because #vaping weed offers a high intake of cannabinoids, which include the star compounds tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), it’s important to use your vape correctly to get the best flavor from your herb. That’s not always easy, considering the vast number of different vaporizers on the market today, all with different optimal settings.

Besides thoroughly reading the user manual for your specific vape — very important, as many manufacturers give specific instructions that can make or break your smoke sesh — here are a few key steps you can always employ to get the most flavor out of your vaping experience.

1. Start With Good Quality Dry Herb

Cannabis that is cured well and contains minimal moisture is going to give you a good starting point for getting the best flavor from your vape. Moist weed can be the enemy of a lot of vaporizers and spoil the experience before you’re even out of the gates.

When cannabis is properly dried, it vapes quicker. Moist bud must vaporize for longer and at a higher temperature setting, which can put you in combustion territory rather than vaporization. And the point of vaporization is to allow the compounds within the bud to reach boiling point so that they become a vapor that is then inhaled. When the product is combusted rather than vaped, it is burned and becomes smoke, which is much harsher on your tastebuds and lungs.

2. Mind The Grind

Every vape has its own optimum grind consistency. Typically speaking, convection vaporizers work best with a medium grind, while conduction vaporizers work well with a finer grind. That simply means a few more or less turns of the grinding apparatus to achieve the correct consistency of herb. Like all methods of ingesting cannabis, you’re looking to free up and expose those tiny trichomes that contain marijuana cannabinoids and terpenes.

3. Control The Vaping Temperature

Keeping your vaporizer’s temp below 380° Fahrenheit will generally avoid producing a harsh taste. That temp number can fluctuate, depending on the device — so again, read your manual. All vaporizers have a sweet spot. It’s just a matter of dialing in that number for the best vaping temperature range.

4. Keep Your Components Tidy

Vaporizers tend to have small pieces that can easily become gummed up with frequent use. Avoid letting residue build up and clog the vapor path or heating chamber. And be sure to frequently clean your screen. Many vape companies recommend soaking vaporizer elements in isopropyl alcohol. The longer the soak, the less hassle with impurities, which can greatly affect flavor profiles.