Like building your own sundae from 16 flavors and limitless toppings, vaping cannabis is a customizable experience with boundless layers of highs. A Venn diagram comes to mind when picturing the laundry list of experiences available to cannabis consumers today. Circles within circles, intersecting, overlapping, enclosing, encompassing every permutation of the new buzz.

With a kaleidoscope of new hybridized strains steadily hitting the market, and innovative vape products keeping pace with those inventions, the future of cannabis consumption is getting more and more customizable.

You wanna go up, over, sideways, longways, backwards, stretch yourself into a rhombus? Just pick your flavor and turn up the temp dial.

As key cannabinoids like THC, THCA, CBD and CBN vaporize (just shy of combustion) at different temperature levels, specific compounds are released to varying degrees, depending on those heat settings. The precious constituents of weed then get unleashed from their herbal abodes and create particular highs based on heat intensities.

Dedicated weed connoisseurs — forever ahead of lagging government-backed science — have provided some insight into the personalized vape high. Here’s a starter’s roadmap to some of the essential vapor trails.

290°F to 330°F: A nice range for cannabis novices to remain functional. This temp typically produces a mild euphoria and relaxation. The terpene pinene, existing in many marijuana strains, is known to be released at this range. An anti-inflammatory compound — with scents of pine trees — pinense is known to be a counter to the short-term memory loss associated with THC, the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis. You’re touching the surface of a buzz here, hardly piercing the veil of what could soon be a noticeable high.

330°F to 370°F: With increased heat, more THC is volatilized and creates enhanced sensory awareness. This is also where the much-touted compound CBD (cannabidiol) is released. Creating a non-psychoactive, relaxing calm, CBD contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic properties. Combined with THC, cannabidiol is truly enhanced and actualized. Users call this a good range for a moderate buzz, yet still a functional state of relaxation. You’re wading in the still waters of psychoactivity here, not yet dunking your head.

370°F to 430°F: Here’s where things get interesting. Euphoria becomes more intense. At these higher temps, the terpene linalool is reached, often bringing with it calming anxiety relief. Around here, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid THCA is also maximized. Preliminary research points to THCA containing neuroprotective properties for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s. As you approach combustion, the herb may become smokier and harsher on the lungs. If you’ve chosen a strain with high couchlock potential, it’s best to have a plan here and set up a comfortable people-watching nest.

Above 430°F: Cannabis consumers have identified this range as one that — when smoking an indica — can provide heavy relaxation, meditation and sleep. This higher temp doesn’t necessarily always mean a more intense buzz, but that will of course vary depending on the strain. The compound CBN, which is released in smallish amounts across a range of temperatures, is said to be particularly pronounced here as a sedative effect. Puff at this range and sink into your glorious high