Gone are the days when the only option for consuming cannabis was out of a cheaply made glass pipe or homemade bong. Now, we can indulge in handcrafted cannabis accessories that truly double as home decor. With the items below, you can elevate your smoking equipment to include some truly one-of-a-kind glass that would look just as perfect sitting on a shelf among your fancy trinkets and tchotchkes as it would packed to the brim with the finest herb.

Peach Pipe By Humble Pride Glass

Does your personal aesthetic look like it’s straight out of Mad Men? If so, then the colorful, handmade glass pieces from Humble Pride Glass are a perfect match for your midcentury-modern home. Recalling vintage Murano-style glass fruits, these smoking accessories would be lovely sitting pride of place on your kitchen table, doubling as cute decoration in between hits. While all the fruit looks great, our favorite is this adorable peach glass pipe, which comes in a variety of colors.
Humble Pride Glass, prices starting at $15 up to $181.

(Image courtesy of etsy.com/shop/HumblePrideGlass)

Elephant Pipe By Sorson Glass Blower

While Sorson Glass Blower offers up mostly traditional glass bowls and one-hitters, one of its offerings in particular is charging into our hearts. The glass elephant pipe is absolutely adorable and is the perfect piece of pop animal art with which to decorate your home. The pipe sells for only $13, with the option of a padded case for an additional two bucks so you can assure your pretty pachyderm is plenty protected.
Sorson Glass Blower, $2.50–$30.99

(Image courtesy of etsy.com/shop/SorsonGB)

Beehive Glass Rig By Muph Glass

Muph Glass takes cannabis accessories to a whole new level with its glass art. Our favorite is the beehive glass rig that is so intricately made, it’s almost a shame to smoke out of it. Almost. From the sweet pollinators to the dripping honey and violet center-implosion flower marble, the hive offers a lot to behold. If a rig isn’t your style, check out Muph’s fire-themed chillum and the bold, beautiful colors throughout its flowing form.
Muph Glass products start at $100

(Image courtesy of heady-hawaii.com)

Clown Fish Pipe By Apollo Glassworks

The pieces by Apollo Glassworks speak to the kid within. From a pipe depicting a clown fish swimming through coral, to four totally tubular turtles, this glass shop is a treasure chest of fun and whimsy. Pipes resembling some of your favorite cartoon characters abound, including those who live in Springfield, the Hundred Acre Wood, and even under the sea. While perhaps not the most dexterous of pieces, there is a sweet nostalgia to these, and most of them will look right at home by the TV during a holiday cartoon binge.
Apollo Glassworks, $7.99–$79.99

(Image courtesy of etsy.com/shop/ApolloGlassworks)

Hudson Pipe By Laundry Day

Laundry Day is committed to heightening the cannabis experience while providing products that are discreet, beautiful and functional. The small glass pieces from this Canadian company are truly tiny artsy treasures. With cool, soothing colors, these modern-looking pipes — particularly the line of Hudson Pipes — would be stunning placed on your coffee table as a display piece.
Laundry Day, $58–$85

(Image courtesy of @laundryday.co)

Kravin UV Sea Life Grass Rig By Kravin Glass

If you’re ready to take your cannabis consumption to the highest caliber, a piece from Kravin Glass may be just what you need. There are a variety of glass sherlocks, one-hitters and rigs that stand out as extraordinary, but there is something super special about this sea life rig. Not only is it an impressive piece of underwater art complete with coral, sea plants and tentacles, but it glows UV bright under black light. It’s currently sold out, but the demonstration video is worth a watch while you’re browsing some of the company’s newer pieces.
Kravin Glass, prices vary

(Image courtesy of kravinglass.com)

UV-Reactive Sherlock Bubble Pipe By Orian Glass

An absolutely dazzling sherlock, this pipe features 15 distinct bubbles that resemble a bunch of grapes, while working as individual chambers when in use. Form meets function in this unique piece, as all the bubbles fill with smoke, allowing for a spectacularly large inhale. Plus, like the sea life rig mentioned above, this accessory also has UV technology for a black-light glow that takes the sherlock to another level of enjoyment.
Orian Glass Sherlock Bubble Pipe, $799.95

(Image courtesy of CupboardGlassPipes.com)

Bird Pipe By Love + Destroy

Fans of minimalism, clean lines and muted color schemes should check out artist Britni Sweet’s line of 3D-printed pipes from Love + Destroy. Creating bowls and pipes using this innovative, forward-thinking method, Sweet’s products look like they come directly from a home design catalogue. We especially love the bird pipe, which retails for $85 and would be a sweet accompaniment to anyone’s mantel.
Love + Destroy, $40–$90

(Image courtesy of loveanddestroy.com)

Bubblers And Mini Rigs By MJ Arsenal Collection

In a land of glass bowls and bongs, MJ Arsenal’s collection of beautifully crafted glass pieces allow you to enjoy a joint in a different way. Using innovative percolation technology, MJ Arsenal’s blunt and joint bubblers and mini rigs uplift the art of cannabis consumption, putting a new twist on your joint-smoking experience. These rigs are small enough to collect for display in your own special glass menagerie. We’ve tried several of MJA’s items and are fans of them all — cute, crafty and a super-unique concept. The Mini Rig™ Collector’s Pack includes a bubbler and mini rig, and will set you back a very reasonable $196.
MJ Arsenal Collection, $9.99–$196

(Image courtesy of @mjarsenal)