The new buzz economy is off to a roaring start this year, with incredible edible offerings sure to dazzle any palate.

From medicated macarons to weed-infused Sriracha potato chips, the edibles market is an expansive universe of products that continues to advance, innovate and amaze.

Artisanal and sophisticated — and most importantly, eyes wide open to the fact that not all cannabis users want their heads blown off with 1,000mg pot cookies — edible makers are creating something for every taste and tolerance level.

The following are a list of the top 10 players in the cannabis space that are getting it right with their edible products.

Yummi Karma Infused Potato Chips

About as a low-pro as you can get with your cannabis consumption, Yummi Karma is one of the few companies out there using whole-plant kief in its recipes, and this is none more evident than in the company’s line of cannabis-infused potato chips, which provide that added THC kick. In particular, the Sriracha chips are delicious, gluten-free, and deliver a nice high, at 50mg of THC per pack. Yummi Karma recommends eating no more than half the pack in one sitting.

Coda Signature Truffles

With an eye toward stylish design as well as scrumptiousness, Coda Signature creates its elegant Signature Truffles that resemble miniature works of fine art. These cannabis-infused delicacies each contain 10mg of THC, a pleasant dose for the average recreational consumer.

VCC Brands (Formerly Known As Venice Cookie Co.)

Starting out life as the Venice Cookie Company when the medicated edible cannabis scene was still learning to crawl back in 2008, VCC Brands has since graduated to selling everything from medicated teas and quenchers to chocolates and honey straws. Look for more innovations from these OGs as they expand beyond the West Coast.

Incredibles Edibles

Available in Michigan, Arizona, Illinois and Puerto Rico — plus an astounding 760 dispensaries in Colorado alone — Incredibles creates high-quality, hand-crafted, cannabis-infused treats. Not only does the brand grow its own cannabis, it also controls production of goods from start to finish, and extracts its own cannabis oil using a process called hydrocarbon technology, which is a much cleaner extraction method than other popular systems.

Incredibles’ signature Affogato Bar is gluten and GMO free.

Laurie + Maryjane

A family-owned business based in Oregon, Laurie + Maryjane produces some of the finest sweet edibles out there. Co-founder Laurie Wolf is a well-known name in the edible community, and an innovator and chef extraordinaire. Laurie + Maryjane’s popular Fudgy Brownie Bites contain a manageable 5mg of THC, just right for a morning liftoff with a coffee.

Kiva Confections

Though perhaps best known for its range of delicious chocolates bars, Kiva Confections also produces treats for the beginner consumer, called Petra Mints. A perfect option for the newbie or microdoser, with a mere 2.5mg of THC, these mints are made with green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil and sweetened with sugar-free, plant-derived xylitol. Kiva notes it uses only quality, California-grown cannabis in all its crave-worthy creations.

Kiva Petra Mints are perfect for newbies or microdosers.

OM Edibles Healthy Choices

If you’re wanting a super-natural edible option, look no further than OM Edibles’ Treehuggers clusters. Gluten-free, paleo and vegan, these cinnamon maple and vanilla morsels are great for a handful of THC indulgences on the run, or while deep in a yoga pose. Namastoned.

Organa Brands Infused Drinkables

Another edible company that manufactures its own cannabis oil, Organa Brands uses the cleaner carbon dioxide extraction method to produce consistently reliable products. Available in 10 states and 1,200 dispensaries, Organa Brands’ Magic Buzz line of enhanced drinkables makes the list for expertly allowing users to dial in their buzz. Recipes include ingredients like ginkgo biloba, chamomile, yerba mate and milk thistle extract.

Magic Buzz drinkables include ginkgo biloba, chamomile, yerba mate and milk thistle extract.

Madame Munchie’s Macarons

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a Parisian-style medicated macaron. The Bay Area’s Madame Munchie specializes in luxurious gourmet edibles, including five flavors of macarons: Citrus a l’Amande, Grilled PB&J, Hazelnut Mocha, Tropical Jungle (chocolate ganache and banana purée), and Green Gold (pistachio butter with honey). Each macaron contains 20mg of THC.

Mellows Marshmallow Bites

Any edible maker who pays enough attention to use only a “premium single-origin Red Congolese sativa” as a main ingredient in its products deserves to be on this list. Mellows’ Raspberry Rose Lychee Marshmallows — a favorite of SF foodies — are a purée of sweet, tart, jammy raspberries, with exotic lychee fruit, and a “kiss of rose essence.” It’s impossible to be a pretender with a pretty offering like that. Each box contains 12 marshmallows, with 5mg THC each.