Consistent growth of the cannabis marketplace continues to bring forth an influx of unique and tasty treats for those looking to consume marijuana the medible way.

It’s important to note that edible highs differ substantially to smoking or vaping, and last quite a bit longer, typically between 4–6 hours.

However, there are endless options to experiment with — whether you’re looking to microdose, medicate, or simply enjoy a trippy treat. Check out a few fan favorites below.

Baked Treats

Baked goods are the OG of #edibles, from cookies to cakes to brownies. Chefs, bakers and cultivators are getting creative with infused desserts — and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are plenty of options out there to satisfy your needs.

Hot Picks

Kush Kakery, based out of Hollywood, California, provides delicious desserts including seasonal bite-sized cake pops, baked fresh daily and ranging from 55 mg to 222 mg.

Vert cookie bars come in two flavors. Nice Crispies peanut butter chocolate boasts a distinctive key lime zing and a dosage of 100mg per package. The Blazin’ Trail Bar comes in 100mg–300mg per package and utilizes a hybrid strain to help you take that high road.

Candy & Chocolate

Chocolates and gummies have proven a popular choice among consumers — and potentially, the most efficient way to microdose if you’re new to the edible game. Ten- or 20-packs are typically broken into tiny doses (5–10mg per piece) and are a great starting point if you’re a newbie or want to experiment with lower levels of THC to build your tolerance.

Hot Picks

Glacé Edibles has created signature infused chocolate BonBons (100mg THC/pkg), available in an array of flavors including Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel. Available at select dispensaries.

It’s the potent Kiva Bars (100mg THC + 100mg CBD/pkg) that first started it all for this growing company, which now also sells Petra Mints and Terra Bites. The original bars come in single-strength milk and dark chocolate, or four triple-strength flavors infused with such fancy flavors as vanilla chai, blueberry or tangerine.

Baked Bros Medicated THC Gummies (75–300mg THC/pkg) include such classic flavors as Sour Kush Kids, Sour Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Sour Bears, Watermelon Rings, Peach Rings and Watermelon Slices. Contains accurate and strain-specific dosages that have been lab tested, with no propylene glycol.

Cannapunch’s Highly Edible Gummy Pucks (100mg THC/pkg) are gluten free and vegan. Comes in assorted fruity flavors, including Peach Pucks, Golden Strawberry and Watermelon. Dosages max out at 250mg of THC per serve.

Infused Beverages

For fast-hitting, long-lasting options, cannabis drinkables are a surefire way to kick-start your high. Infused bevs typically kick in within about 30 minutes, so you’ll be able to gage the effects fairly quickly compared to other cannabis consumables.

Hot Picks

The range of coffee, tea and cider (25-75mg THC/8oz serving) offered up by Ganja Grindz is particularly exciting. The Spiced Apple Cider won the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible, and is made from freshly pressed, locally harvested apples. Can be enjoyed hot or chilled over ice.

Stillwater Brands’ Clockwork Coffee gifts you with the perfect balance of caffeine for energy, 5mg of THC for creativity, and 5mg of CBD to stave off the jitters. Contains no calories, fat or sugar — just bold, smooth, 100 percent Colombian coffee with a kick courtesy of the Ripple strain. Meantime, the range of Whitewater Teas (2.5–10mg THC + CBD/serving) includes Blissful Black Tea, a lightly caffeinated brew that’ll leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

Savory Snacks

Get your snack fix in with medibles ranging from potato chips to cereals. With a multitude of munchies now on the market, consumers can snack on their favorite pantry staples and get lifted at the same time.

Hot Picks

These potato chips courtesy of LOL Edibles give you a hefty 300mg of THC per package and come in zingy flavors including Crunchy Cheetos, Hot Cheetos and Chili Cheese Fritos. So tasty and moreish, but be warned: If you’re an edibles novice, be careful not to overindulge. Not to be outdone at breakfast time, LOL Edibles’ Frooty Loopys cereal will get your day off to a flying-high start, with 400mg of THC per single serving.

Body chemistry, experience and THC tolerance all play a role in how edibles affect you, and the range of outcomes can differ between products and dosage.

Some edibles take effect in as little as 30 minutes, while others can be prolonged for up to two hours — be sure to keep this in mind when medicating if you don’t want to overdo it. Taking note of your tolerance history and experience level with cannabis meds can help you achieve the proper high you desire.